Customer comments and love notes.
Blissoma skincare and apothecary products are endorsed by green beauty experts, natural estheticians, makeup artists, and our clients.
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"Dear Julie:

A few months back, I was in my neighborhood Whole Foods. A woman came up to me and asked me if I'd be interested in learning about a new skin care line called Blissoma. Her timing was perfect. You see, going to Whole Foods is a big splurge for me. And once every two months, I allow myself $20 to spend any way I want there, after buying what I came to buy.

You have to understand: My entire wardrobe (with the exception of underwear) comes from a thrift store. I allow myself to eat out in a restaurant once a month. I keep myself on an extremely tight budget. But on this particular day, I was feeling flush with cash. So when this woman asked me if I was interested in learning about new skin care, I decided to listen. And if I liked what I heard, I would spend that $20 on one of the products.

Well, I did like what I heard and the woman --- how awful that I don't remember her name ---- was so nice, and so genuine and is truly a champion of your product. I liked the eco-friendly and organic components of the line. So I bought the facial cleanser.

I really, really, like the facial cleanser. So much so, that I went back and bought more when I ran out. I have never spent more than $5 on any kind of cleaning agent before, but I'm sold on this. And I will not hesitate to spend the money on Blissoma Facial Cleanser.

And earlier today, I treated myself to a purchase of the Morning Facial Moisturizer. Eventually, I hope to purchase more products as well.

You have a great, great product and I'm so glad I took the time to listen to that lovely woman tell me about Blissoma. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

A very happy customer."

--Amy A., Chicago, IL


"I truly do love your products. I find that they have remarkably made a difference in the way my skin feels and looks.
I especially love the way Smooth seems to cure my acne pains and the clay mask also seems to help keep my skin clearer. Thank you so much for this natural and organic form of skin care product - Iím hooked!"

--Pamela H.


"I'm so thankful that BUST did the review of your masque because I was in such dire need of that blissoma product---it couldn't have come at a better time. My skin was breaking out very badly and I didn't think I'd be able to fix it in time for the wedding 3 weeks later.  But my complexion did a complete 180 after your masque came in the mail! Amazing! I'm so thankful that hardworking people like you still make quality products like this from scratch and in small batches. It makes such a difference.  My skin has never been better.  Thank you so much for the stress serum-- it is absolutely lovely!!"

--Asheley L., Berkeley, CA


"I just received my Eco Emi package and love your brand! Iíll have to try out your yoga mat cleansing spray, I have been looking for something like that!  Just wanted to send you a brief note of kudos on your brand :-)"

--Melissa C.


"I also received my serum in the mail today (a couple hours after sending the email) and I LOVE it! I work as a flight attendant and have trouble sleeping on layovers sometimes but, this will help me so much. :)
I will spread the word about the reviews too so that my friends can win their own stress relief serum.
I love Blissoma. Kudos on a great company. I'm glad one of my referrals won the Restore Serum on facebook. They are Estatic. :) ! And I think they might share a bit with me if I ask super nicely ;) "

--Leslie A-G., Los Angeles, CA


"I am really happy with your products, have been using them for about 1 month. I work at Whole Foods Market and have tried most produsts there, and NOTHING gave me any results like your products have! Thanks for making such great, pure facial care."

--Tanya H.


"Hi Blissoma, I purchased the Mild Rice Facial Cleanser based on the review I read on Fig & Sage.

Iím always skeptical when trying new skincare.  I have sensitive skin and have had trouble finding a cleanser that deeply cleans without drying out my skin.  I was beyond pleasantly surprised about this product; I love it!  It does a great job cleansing my skin (I even use it around my eyes after removing make-up and there is no irritation) and my skin does not feel tight afterwards, instead it looks fresh and dewy.  And it has a light, clean and very pleasing fragrance. I have tried so many skincare lines at all price levels and, as far as Iím concerned, this is one of the best cleansers out there regardless of price (i.e., itís not just a wonderful product for the is a wonderful product period). I just purchased my second bottle along with the Adaptive Energy Tonique facial mist (canít wait to try it) at Whole Foods.  Next on my list is the facial mask.

I also love that Blissoma products are pure and non-toxic (a must for me).  My only wish is that you would come out with an eye cream.  Thank you, Blissoma."

--Patti B. Chicago, IL


"I am so excited!  I received your parcel today and your beautiful products have exceeded my expectations far and beyond.  They are so professionally packaged and smell and feel wonderful. I have just applied some lip elixir and juniper deodorant, and I canít wait to try your other products over the coming days."

--Alana Robbins,, Australia


"So I actually wanted to email you not only to say thank you for meeting with me but also to fill you in on a couple things that may make you smile...First, I tried the two samples you sent me and I truly have to say that I couldn't believe how much I loved them - they instantly revived my skin, so much so that I can't get enough.  I went to the Willowbrook location just yesterday to purchase more of the mask and rice cleanser and the moisturizer!! ...  Second, when I got home I couldn't wait to take a bath, wash my face and put my mask on!!!  When my little men saw that I was taking a bath, they asked if they could too, so we had a spa evening in the tub... I applied  the mask on both the boys which they loved.  My older son said, "Mom, can we put this on everyday after school?"  They also were cleansed with the rice cleanser and moisturized!!  They loved it... Really my purpose was to see if this will help Jack's mild eczema that he gets in the winter on his cheeks... and lo and behold they are almost gone - could be coincidence but I really feel like it helped."

--Nicole S., Chicago, IL


"I have been thinking about you quite a bit and was planning to e-mail you about the products.  I am absolutely in LOVE with the skin stuff.  I love the natural herbal lotions sooo much.  I actually teach some Horticulture classes at Auburn University, one of which is Herbaceous Ornamentals where they learn flowers and herbs.  It is really neat to see the plants at work:)  It makes me happy:) 

My skin is so soft!!  I've been doing the night time and morning skin product ritual and sticking to it so I get the best possible results:)  The products are fabulous.  Love the hydrating spray and the rice cleanser is great!! ...and the lip gloss is AWESOME.  I REALLY like the glossy lip ball and both the flavors I got are yum!!  Definitely my new favorite lip stuff!!
Thanks so much.  I'm glad you had the special because it peaked my attention and got me to order the skin stuff when I probably wouldn't have normally and I'm so glad that I did.  It is just so clean and fresh feeling and smelling and just seems to work really well.  I keep making my husband feel my face after I put it on at night. :) "

--Beth C., Auburn, AL


"When I was introduced to the Blissoma line at the Denver Green Fest I knew it was the perfect complement to the lines I currently carried at my skincare studio and I had to add it. As a former beauty writer I thought I had seen and tried everything however, their Amend Antioxdant Sprayable Lotion is the most unique skincare product I have come across in a long time. My clients, who are so active in the outdoors, love it.

The Blissoma Intense Hydration Toner instantly provides moisture and is imparted with an uplifting earthy scent that harmonizes and grounds the skin and senses. Follow a spritz of Toner with their A+ Moisture Serum and dry skin is banished. What Julie has created is a line of skincare products made from the highest quality ingredients--and like a master chef or baker--each ingredient is carefully chosen to provide maximum benefits. This line works on so many sensory levels and my clients are loving the scents and performance of everything they try. And so am I!"

--Christina Komeshian, Skindrop Facial Studio, Breckenridge CO


"I really love the "Smooth" skin serum. I have been using it for about 3 months, and people recently have been commenting on what nice skin I have - and I am 57!! It seems to do well on both my dry and oily areas! My skin really is "Smooth"er! Also, I love the herbal smell!"

--Diane B., Denver, CO


"The night cream smells AWESOME!!!! She says it feels really refreshing, clean... like a fresh mist on your face. Her skin feels really soft."

--Brian G., St. Louis, MO


"I wanted to let you know that I have been using your night cream ever since I purchased it at the festival and it has been doing wonders for my skin! Itís perfect Ė not too oily, not too drying and it seems to be helping with any scars on my skin! Iím so excited for your line!"

--Brittany M., Chicago, IL


"I must say that I am so in love w/my Blissoma face care starter kit! Really, the results have been very pleasing. I think I'm going to buy some as gifts for girlfriends!"

--Amanda Doyle - Where Magazine, St. Louis, MO


"I tried your face moisturizer in a Whole Foods store recently and loved itÖ Your stuff is so amazing, I'd love to use nothing else but that!"

--Donna K., Chicago, IL


"You are one of the few truly effective, wholistic companies that actually produces amazing productsÖThank you for that!"

--Marci P., New York, NY


"I have received the samples you sent out to me and I like them very much. I really liked the texture and scent of the cremes and I'm trying the mask out right now."

--Celine Remy, Inner Alchemy, Waialua, HI


"Bought some of your deodorant (forgot to put some on one morning) at Local Harvest. Now I keep wanting to try other things. You smell good, your moisturizers are awesome and I am impressed. What a fine local gem you are. I want to get the word out even more about you locally Ė because you rock."

--Lisa R., St. Louis, MO


"Love the mask."

--Troy F.,


"I met you at Whole Foods Market recently.  You helped me pick out a new facial cleanser and moisturizer; I used both that night.  My skin loved it immediately!  I feel like if my skin could talk, it would have screamed with excitement and said, "FINALLY, YOU FOUND SOMETHING I LOVE!"

I buy as many natural and organic products as possible; I've tried so many different kinds.  I've found it very unfortunate that many companies claim to be "All Natural" or "Organic" only to find their products mixed with harmful chemicals.  Blissoma is by far, the best I've found.  I'm happy to see that you are also a leader in the movement for Green products!  That makes me even happier with your lineÖ It's obvious that you are passionate about what you do which explains why your products are so amazing."

--Shelly D., St. Louis, MO


"I was pleased to see my package of your wonderful skin care products on my porch this afternoon. I tried them immediately and went out Christmas shopping with my face feeling fab!"

--Michelle K., Bellevue, WA


"I am very sensitive to the commercial perfumes and dyes used in most household and personal care products. Because of the pure, natural, high quality ingredients used for Irie Star products, I have no trouble using any of them. What a pleasure for me, my body and my senses. Thanks to the "calm" candle, I got my taxes down without killing my husband. (true; this is the first year we didn't fight!)"

--Helene F., St. Louis, MO


"I LOVE your Mat Cleaner.  I have been teaching yoga for over 17 years and this is truly one of the best products in the  yoga world.  It not only cleans well, it contains an incredibly pleasant scent.  The aromatherapy aspect of your cleaner contributes to a very serene and harmonizing yoga practice.

I have also discovered that it is a great all around cleaner and deodorizer.  I use it to clean the interior of  my car and all around my house.  I do not have a dog at this time but if I did I would not hesitate to freshen him/her with a daily spritz of your wonderful product.  Thank you!!"

--James Caruso, Director, Midhudson School of Yoga


"I recently purchased your Chamo-Mint Stress Relief Serum from the Home Eco store in the Southampton Neighborhood of St. Louis. I loved the product so much that I wanted to learn more about your company and products. I was happy to see that you are in the process of moving into Hyde Park. I like to support local as much as I can and it is even more rewarding to invest in companies that are taking part in the renaissance of the inner-city neighborhoods that I adore.  Thank you so much for deciding to locate in the city, restoring a beauty of a building in one of the most historic districts we have.  All the best in years to come!

--Michael, St. Louis, MO


"Hi Julie!  I just read your blog and loved it.  I met you at the Chicago Green Business Conference.  We sat and chatted awhile over our tofu sandwiches on a break.  I just wanted to let you know that I found you to be an absolutely fascinating person!  You had told me a lot about your business and how you hired one of your friends to help and that it changed everything.  You told me to ask the universe for help for some problems that I was having with my photography business.  Well I did!  And every answer came to me when we were in Chicago.  I took your words with me and I changed my life.  I am in the process of buying out my business partner (who is my mom) which has caused some problems, but the relief that I feel in my life is amazing.  I was told previously, by 2 doctors, that if I didn't fix the problems in my life I would have a heart attack in my 30's!  Well... I am a reformed 32 year old woman on a mission to kick some ass in photography!  So thanks to you just for being the extremely cool person that you are!

By the way I bought your bug spray and 2 candles!!!!  Love them!!!!  The bug spray was amazing!  and it smelled good!  Good luck in your business!"

--Bobbi M., Neola, IA