Formula for Healthful Beauty

These are the principles by which Blissoma SOLUTIONS natural skin care is conceptualized and governed.

  Our treatments incorporate botanicals proven effective by centuries of traditional use and modern scientific research.  Naturally nutrient-dense ingredients are prioritized to come directly from organic agriculture for maximum purity.  No petrochemicals, parabens, or other synthetic preservatives are permissible.  The list of ingredients we do use is intensively selective.


  Botanical ingredients are handled in appropriate ways for each type to retain and maximize therapeutic components.  Ingredients are used in raw, cold extracted forms whenever possible.  Herbs are extracted in-house and by trusted outside specialists who do not use hidden preservatives.  Nutritive ingredients that are unstable in natural forms are gently stabilized and included in biocompatible forms.


  More is not necessarily better, so all ingredients are carefully researched and tested for best effect without irritation.  Our formulas do not include ingredients just for labels claims.  Each ingredient is selected for a specific purpose and the entire base formula is active and wholistically created to work as a unit.


  We disclose all ingredients and nothing is hidden in our recipes.  Our ingredients labels are easy to read and we gladly discuss our production processes with customers.  We require similar transparency and disclosure from our suppliers.


  Our products feed your body's natural rhythm rather than forcing it.  We support and encourage the miraculous healing processes that the body performs.  Because of this we do not support the use of ingredients like synthetic neuropeptides or any compounds that artificially alter your natural structure.  We reveal your whole inner radiance through healthy outer care.


  We create products in a positive environment with our entire goal being your well-being and happiness.